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Digital SIT - Italian digital health and Telemedicine Society is an association constituted with public action, apartitica, apolitical and nondenominational, with boundless duration in the time and without purposes of profit that it operates in national and international circle, favoring the contacts among the researchers, the experts and the students of the subject. The Society, in the respect of the social statute and than anticipated from the health's Office in theme of scientific societies, work for the pursuit of cultural activity and social promotion and without syndical finalit. Particularly the Society proposes him, in concrete, the cultural and professional growth of the Physicians and the sanitary Operators, as well as the improvement of the disbursement and the fruition of the sanitary services to the Citizens, so contributing to the raising of the quality of their life, through the promotion, the diffusion and the development of the studies, of the experimentations and of the searches in the field of the telemedicine, of the connected health and of all the services and the applications to them connect.

International Study Center Digital SIT

International Study Center Digital SIT - Italian digital health

International Study Center Digital SIT

Technical partner

Technical partner - Italian digital health

Nume Plus S.r.l.

Video interviews Meeting Florence 05/18/2017

Video interviews Meeting Florence 05/18/2017 - Italian digital health

All interviews Meeting Florence May 18 2017